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It all started in 1983 in a rural area of west Texas. Jot Tucker, founder of Woodcraft, was raised in the construction industry for 25+ years and was brought up into the family business. His father was skilled in many areas such as contracting and custom home building. Mr. Tucker gradually passed on his skillsets to Jot. Jot has since then owned and operated his own businesses in Texas, Tennessee, and now Colorado. Woodcraft is a small family owned business that has made it's way to the Front Range area in Colorado in hopes of expanding their name, and assisting a new area of clientele. The main objective of Woodcraft is to create and execute any job or design concept, and exceed their clients dreams. 

Woodcraft strives on creating quality workmanship and excellent service.

Image by Austin Kehmeier



What makes Woodcraft stand out from the others, is the connection we create with our clients. Whether it's a simple kitchen & bath remodel, or a full scale remodel, these projects typically reflect the client's personality and lifestyle. That is exactly what we want to get familiar with during our process. We want to ensure the final product is everything you have dreamed of & more, and suits your individual personality.


Pure craftsmanship and detail goes into every project, no matter how small. We want you to see the Woodcraft Design Co.'s personal touch on every design aspect of your project. 


You have put your trust and money into our business, and we want to guarantee that we are crafting and producing the best quality possible. Your satisfaction is our main priority.

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